Wednesday 18th December – who is Harold Fletcher?

Robert and I have had another busy week! I played in my orchestra concert on Saturday night. There were some good moments but sadly rather too many bad ones! Fortunately or unfortunately we only had an audience of 27 which included Robert and my neighbour Sally! We did clash with the final of Strictly, so folk could be forgiven for preferring a Strictly party or evening in to coming out to listen to a not too perfect orchestra!

On Monday night we put on our glad rags  and spent the night with friends at Kilworth Hall having dinner and listening to a Frankie Valley look a like group. The Hall was beautifully decked out and a lovely evening was had by all. It was a good excuse for me to wear my new faux fur coat which made me look like a big teddy bear!

Yesterday I drove up to Nottingham to have lunch with two friends which was great but I had to drive back in thick fog and nearly missed the turning home!

I was pleased that Robert had agreed to drive today as it was a little foggy and we had an early start as we both had eye tests booked in Alcester. I did a little shopping whilst waiting for Robert which included two light up teddys which were amazingly cheap!!

Mum was snuggled up in bed when we arrived but looked very tired and was not very alert. She had a nasty cough and although she said she was comfortable she appeared to be more twisted round than normal but was not willing for me to move her. I gave her the coffee we had bought on the way along with a small glass of red wine which she enjoyed. I had also brought her a large tin of celebrations chocolates. I gave her one of the small milky ways and just as she was about to put it in her mouth she said ‘ no, you should share that with Angela.’ She then remonstrated with her mother  and told her not to be so mean and that both she and Angela could have one each!

Her lunch arrived and she ate almost all of the small portion of risotto but declined the crumble for pudding preferring to eat the Mr Kipling cakes I had brought for her. ‘ I quite like Mr Kipling’ she declared ‘ but I like his cakes better’.

We told her about our week but I  am not sure how much she took in. Robert had taken some photos and made a small video of the group at Kilworth Hall which we showed her. It took her a while to focus in on the pictures but once she could see what they were she was very impressed with all the decorations.

She dozed on and off waking up occasionally for a short conversation with her mother or her husband.

We were half heartedly watching a Christmas film when Mum suddenly pointed to the screen and was telling her mother that the actor was Harold Fletcher. When I asked her who Harold Fletcher was she replied that she used to go to school with him and he lived in Wild moor lane. She concluded that he was now very much older than when she knew him but also said but then of course she too was much older as well! ( the actor she referred to was a gentleman of colour called Stan Shaw who had appeared in Roots many years ago.)

Just as we were leaving I told Mum I was cooking dinner for 13 people tomorrow night ( my fellow violinists and their partners). ‘Good luck with that!’ she said wisely and laughed. I promised I would take photos to show her on Christmas Day.




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